The Emory & Co. 3 Step Process for Acquirers

Step 1: Emory Helps Buyers Develop
Acquisition Criteria

Emory & Co. assists buyers in developing Acquisition Criteria. Companies meeting this profile are evaluated and presented to our buyer client. Included are:
 Description of the business
 Product line mix
 Historical and forecasted financials… recast
 Management and key employee information
 Seller’s asking price and preferred deal structure

Step 2: Emory’s Searches Uncover
“Hidden Sellers”

Emory & Co. finds “hidden sellers” using proprietary search techniques developed over 35 years. These are companies not intending to sell until we approach them.
We follow aggressive search and screening procedures, utilizing our proprietary database. Pro-active mail, telephone and on-site meetings with top management follow. The objective: To present buyers with a group of sellers meeting your criteria and interested in exploring acquisition by your company.

Step 3: Emory’s One-On-One Approach
Avoids High Auction Prices

Emory & Co. identifies qualified company sellers and brings them to the buyer on an exclusive one-on-one basis . . . before they are on the market, before they have employed an intermediary and before they are auctioned-off to the highest bidder.
The savings our clients achieve between a one-on-one negotiated acquisition price and an auction price are significant . . . often exceeding our fee several
times over.